Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grace Lost And Found

The free gift of grace gets buried in life like bills on my desk get buried under less important paperwork. I crank along day by day, going to work, eating, keeping church commitments and connections going. Free grace gets buried. Then it’s easy to begin thinking that somehow in the running that it’s about the running. The running leads to more doing. I begin to think it’s about the doing and earning; earning grace.

I get to running so hard and I wonder why I can’t feel the wind in my face. My legs feel heavy and my body strains against some invisible load. One day I wake up knowing that I’ve lost joy somewhere along the way. Time to hit the refresh button---but nooo (h/t John Belushi) I run harder and work harder. I say I’ll trust God to help me figure it out. The grace will come I’m sure. The joy will come I’m sure. The alarm clock rings and I’m back in the grind.

In a window of quiet amidst the run, driving seventy down the highway without traffic, the moon glints off the walls of the road-cut and a voice whispers, “Free, free, free.” The Spirit speaks to my spirit and I am reminded that grace is free and His burden is light.

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