Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Place Of Prayer In Public Meetings

This fall the Supreme Court will consider a case concerning public prayer before public meetings. Part of me is astonished at this. This has been an established practice since the founding of our nation. The fact that the Supreme Court is even willing to hear arguments for the case is proof that (as was in the days of Josiah) the law is lost.

My daughter would never say to me, “Dad, do you mind if I go down to the corner liquor store and steal some candy bars?” I would laugh then we would discuss right and wrong. There was a lengthy period in our history when such a legal suit would have been dismissed immediately. The suit would not have been in keeping with established law nor with common sense. Unlike in my household it is presently alright for a minority to sue and to place their own agenda over against that of the whole.

According to Dr. Del Tackett this is consistent with a State run government as well. A religion based on moral absolutes as set forth in the Bible are inconsistent with the agenda of the state specifically when they set forth family, community and God over against the desires of the federal government. Removing prayer, especially prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, opens the door wider to a general state religion with principles set forth by the state. The state then determines the absolutes.

Even if the court decides that it is proper and fitting to open a public meeting with prayer ‘in Jesus name,’ the lines have already moved. They will only be prolonging the inevitable. Unless the law is pulled from under the rubble and restored to it’s proper framework we, like Josiah’s Judah, will cease from greatness.

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