Thursday, May 30, 2013

Language, Television and The Muppets

The problem with posting daily is that I feel I have to produce a treatise on whatever topic I talk about. I considered a post on English grammar using an interview I heard on the NPR money show as a springboard. In the interview a writer and expert on societal norms said to the host, “Ya know ya gots to.” I almost swerved into the other lane. It is alright in conversation to be rather loose but not in a professional interview! I considered posting on this but I don’t feel I’ve enough material.

My wife and I were discussing favorite Sesame Street characters tonight in response to last nights’ mention of Kermit The Frog. Though it has been pointed out often it is staggering the effect that television has on our lives. So much so that we have discussions about shows that took place thirty or forty years ago.

These ideas may be the root of an upcoming post. This years commitment means I still am going to attempt a post for each day in June. Ya gots to read it every day or you’ll miss somethin. Just sayin.


Anonymous said...

You don't have enough pressure in life already? Doesn't need to be a treatise each day. Remember what EH said, "just one true thing." Tell us about the sunrise or the sunset or the smell of coffee or the sound of your tires on the highway. Your sources of material are unlimited. Don't pressure yourself more than you have to-- let this be fun, cathartic, natural. Can't wait to see what June brings!


Anonymous said...

Let's hear about the Guatemala trip planning, too!