Monday, May 13, 2013

Days of Play

I’m drop dead tired and shooting for a short blog post. Darryl and I drove down to the lower desert today to watch the Amgen Tour of California. We brought our bikes along and took a short twenty-mile ride in temperatures predicted to hit 108 (they hit 111). Following that we had breakfast and then found a place on a lawn at the base of the road up to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. We didn’t work today. We didn’t solve the world’s problems. We just had fun.

We can feel guilty about work and getting stuff done. Even on a Sunday, after church, we feel guilty because we choose a nap rather than crossing something off our huge ‘to-do’ list. When Jesus returns what will He say? I suspect He’ll ask if we loved each other. Hot on the heels of that question He may ask about our joy---since the two are inter-connected, “This is my commandment that you love one another that your joy may be full.” Fun with friends and ministry to others is big on Jesus’ list. My getting through that list of ‘to-dos’----not so much.

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