Friday, May 03, 2013

Why We Walked Away From Pain And Gain

I haven’t walked out on a movie since “Ghost” which was released in 1990. Tonight my wife and I walked out on “Pain and Gain.” It’s a badly written movie that is hostile toward God, women and humanity. My wife and I were both surprised that any of the actors agreed to do this film especially Tony Shaloub and Ed Harris. If it were me I’d rather sell fries than rob patrons of their money.

I am guessing that other’s in the theatre had their integrity and intelligence assaulted by this film. The turning on and checking cell phones was my first clue. Unfortunately nobody else walked. There is a place for that but most would rather suffer than break with the norm and leave the theatre mid-showing.

The fact that the theatre was mostly empty still gives me hope for my fellow man. Usually I check the reviews before going. I’ll make certain to do that next time unless I’m well acquainted with the material (i.e. Star Trek). We suffered the pain they got the financial gain.

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