Monday, September 10, 2012

Friendship Is Like That

They resumed their conversation thirty-five years later. Pat hadn’t seen his friend since in his teens he’s in his fifties now and she is sixty years old. Upon getting together they talked as if that small gap of time had never happened. That is friendship. It makes me wonder what Heaven will be like.

Max: Jackie I haven’t talked to you since you died in that car wreck.
Jackie: I never understood it ‘down there’ but it brought about some amazing transformation. Let me tell you….
And on Jackie and Max will talk as if the gap had never occurred. What about talking to Jesus? What is that going to be like? Here we have these conversations where we hear Him sometimes. Other times we feel like it is only us talking or we feel our words only bounce off the ceiling. You pray regularly so Jesus has talked with you at length and in depth. So how will it feel face to face?

Last night was spent in the company of friends of a quarter century. There were hugs all around. We picked up the conversation and it went from shallow to deep at the speed of light. Familiar phrases and nicknames were immediately on lips. Stories of original meetings and updates on life, family, character, trials all shared in a context of love and hope. That takes place here behind this veil of tears.

What will our friendships be like when they are brought forth in full fruition? What richness and depth when we are known face to face and heart to heart? What of fellowship with our Father and worship with His Son. What delight when that conversation that started humbly for each of us resumes and continues for eternity? Friendship is like that.

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