Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is This What Sabbath Rest Should Look Like?

Is this what Sabbath rest should look like? My wife is in the kitchen making a pie for ‘the girls get together’ tomorrow night while I am writing this post. We just returned from studying the Bible with a group of friends. At dinner with the wife we discussed being purposeful about what we do. Sharing life with friends feeds soul and energizes spirit. It’s all about the balance.

Since coming back from retreat last week my thoughts keep coming back to the idea of simplicity. It’s an ongoing struggle to not get overwhelmed by doing the good things and missing out on the best things. I’ve read books on the subject; Margin, Ordering Your Private World and Celebration of Discipline. It seems I’m always struggling with doing too much or too little or just doing the wrong thing completely.

I wonder if God is working something in this season so that I can work some things out? I don’t have a normal Monday through Friday job with weekends. Rest is always a struggle. My times with God lately are sporadic. My time to rest and think are a surprise when they happen.

Perhaps I’ve stumbled onto something as it drifted up from my subconscious; kind of like the Titanic hitting that little block of ice. I hope the results are exceedingly opposite. Cud for meditation during the week. Which I suspect is why God encourages time of rest and rumination.

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