Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spinless or Spineless

News Flash: The French police broke into the hotel room of a bicycle racing team (oh, no, not again) and arrested the team for possession of property illegal to own in France. Among other items the police found toothpaste, deodorant and a spine.

I have little respect for spineless people. Perhaps it is like being an ex-smoker. During periods of my life I had little backbone. Pretty much since I can remember though I was the guy that said what nobody else would say. I was the kid that screamed out, “The Emperor has no clothes.” Of course I was to shy as a kid to scream that out but once I hit sixteen I had no qualms about voicing my opinion. As a teen I often voiced it selfishly with little regard for the feelings of others. It wasn’t about truth it was about me.

Now I want to scream out important things. Growing older clarifies the important from the passing. There is still some spinal confusion going on though. Me still wants center stage at times. Still I’d rather be bold and honest than regret being either.

There are costs to having backbone. My dad missed out on some promotions because he blew the whistle on some unethical behaviors at his work place. People that kiss butt seem to get farther in the business place than the truth tellers. The world loves its own---and its own are significantly spineless.

As a Christ follower I follow one that walked in such truth that people hated him for it. Still He loved and spoke the truth even with His last breath. A back bloody, a spine bruised and a heart that never turned from love or truth.

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