Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Going To The Dogs

Today was our day to sleep in. While still in bed and in pre-coffee getting up soon mode the dog next door began barking. It was a funny bark, two barks then a break, three barks then a break, two barks again followed by two more then a complete series of barks which comprised his finale. Tonight as I type the Pit Bull across the street is barking in what seems a random manner as it starts then stops then starts again. I wonder if these dogs lose sleep knowing they are missing out on a greater fame.

On Facebook a friend is following Atticus. America’s Got Talent was won by the Olate Dogs. It seems that if you want to be successful it helps to have a cute dog as your gimmick. Even Steinbeck wasn’t above this and has written an engaging book about his travels in America called, “Travels With Charley.” The list of famous dogs is quite large really; Lassie, Marley, Marmaduke, Snoopy. I don’t have a dog. I’m missing out.

It’s one of the reasons I want my own house again. It would be nice to have a dog. I grew up with Samoyeds which certainly aren’t the ideal desert dog but mine survived growing up in the San Fernando Valley. God hasn’t seen fit to move me into a house yet or get me a dog. Which is too bad because I need the gimmick to promote my next book tour.

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