Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lazy Days

Lazy days off are good to have. Today the wife and I had a relaxed breakfast with lots of good coffee. We spent time reading the Bible and doing meaningless things (Pinterest, Facebook) on the computer while together in the living room. After picking up the daughter from school I went bicycle riding with a friend. Dinner was good food and some crazy deep laughter together as a family. These days yield rest according to certain parameters.

I suspect if we had spent time alone watching television we would feel less satisfied. There is a place for quality rest in the context of family and soul refreshment. I do have plenty of experience with brain dead rest as well. I spend plenty of time watching television. It’s worse when there are things that you should do but you didn’t do because the next episode of Life With The Kardashians was being broadcast.

You can’t really plan the perfect rest days. Its more about being purposeful to carve out the time. Gravitating to the less selfish actions fulfills. Perhaps the choice is shopping with the wife vs. staying home, drinking beer and watching the game. Is it better to play a board game or game of solitaire?

Reflecting on the day today it seems obvious that there is ebb and flow between personal time and family time. The balance is to float smoothly between the two letting both energize you. Like everything else in life a good rest day is a purposeful rest day. Lazy days are good but wasted days are not.

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