Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contemplating Growing Older

My hair is the proof that time takes its toll. I see the elderly at work many of whom wrestle with serious physical ailments. Once a customer told me that turning sixty he noticed a severe slowing. I don’t see that happening.

Some fifty-year olds look eighty while some eighty-year olds look fifty. Anecdotally I’ve noticed that those that workout manage to keep some aging signs at bay. Still it is difficult to escape the lines on the face and the gray in the hair.

I never really gave any of this much consideration til turning 50. Being less than five years from Carrow’s senior dinner eligibility has made me look twice at ‘old age.’ I’ve suffered infirmities since childhood. God has sustained me through a number of body injuries. So I will laugh, enjoy the wife of my middle years, dote on the daughter and maintain some semblance of exercise. Those are in my control. Winter will set in slowly. My hope is for slow frost not avalanche.

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