Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Life Is Not Easier

Life was supposed to be easier in this century. Technology and humanity were to improve. Stress would decrease. Communication would increase. Seems as though we’ve made things worse rather than better. It’s a sci-fi novel in the making.

It should be a simple fix. The car battery drains over night because there is a draw in the electrical system. In the old days you pulled out all six fuses and diffused the problem. Today it could be the main computer or any number of circuit boards which are not communicating properly. When I took my Sonata in because it felt as it was down-shifting into first gear---from third or fourth---for no reason it was the computer. They patched in an updated “fix” and the problem was solved.

In response to identity theft and the evil of men it is nearly impossible for me to close an account with Prudential in New Jersey. First there were the five or so teleprompt inputs; Social Security, mothers maiden name, favorite fantasy cycling team, and reason for call. I got through to one department that verified my information to put me on hold with another department. I told them the reason for my call. They asked if I was married. I explained my situation. They indicated they needed my wife’s social security number even though I was closing the account. I wanted to ask if they also wanted my first-born.

Life is not easier. The amount of information presented for us to process is overwhelming. The complexity of simple life and basic transportation boggles the mind. So we must maintain simplicity in the areas we can control; rest, family and faith. Without these the stressors of life will drag us screaming into a technological nightmare.

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