Thursday, February 14, 2013

Turning Off The Television Show

Once it’s in your brain it’s impossible to get it out. The Spouse and I made the mistake of turning on, “The Following,” last night. It’s Kevin Bacon’s new television show. It’s dark, graphic and frightening. The smart move would have been to turn it off. The bad move was to watch all of episode 1.

We live in a bizarre time. In the supermarket the magazines display pictures like the ones my dad hid in under his work table in the garage. The images we invite into our living rooms are brighter than real life. The storylines are darker than most of real life.

As a child my daughter couldn’t watch parts of “Lady and the Tramp,” as some of the scenes were too dark for her. We’ve grown up and been desensitized to the darkness.

My wife and I watched The Following last night (my wife watching with her fingers over her eyes) we said to one another, “I hope we don’t have nightmares.” which in hindsight should have been enough to turn off the computer. My takeaway is to be more sensitive to what my conscience and spirit are telling me. If the words, “Maybe I shouldn’t,” rise up in my mind then I mustn’t. It’s too difficult to turn those images off once they’ve embedded themselves.

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