Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Lingerie and Black Coffee-I Am A Purist

I am a purist. I like chocolate or peanut M&Ms not peanut butter. I like milk chocolate Hershey Kisses; not white chocolate nor crunchy with almonds. I like getting my music on CD’s in their own little cellophane packaging with notes on the inside. I don’t even own an MP3 player and still have a collection of vinyl in a box.

Could be that its change I don’t like. I embrace it once I get comfortable with it. There is a wide range of things that one shouldn’t get comfortable with; corn syrup, political correctness, lax morality, lousy quality, crummy customer service and broken promises. That is why I purchase Coke in a glass bottle, hecho en Mexico, when I can. No corn syrup and a magical process that keeps it tasting close to the cola I enjoyed in my youth.

Red lingerie, black coffee, beer not Bud, and Levis or Wranglers are automatic defaults. A man’s got to have an opinion and a blogger’s got to take a stand. No matter your specialty you know what’s top and you know what’s not. We are all purists. We just settle for less.

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