Saturday, February 09, 2013

High School Friendships Will Last A Lifetime

High school friendships will often last a lifetime. The teen-age daughter is having some communication and maturity issues with some friends. It is painful and interesting to watch. Ten or twenty years from now will those friends still be connected?

I developed a tight circle of friends in fifth grade. Those friendships continued through high school. One of those friendships waned while I was in college; I went on to higher education, he didn’t. Conversely others in that close circle grew closer over the college years. We are still in touch today.

Some friendships spin off while new friendships are garnered along the way. There is a special fellowship for those we knew in school. I hung out with my friends parents and families; knew their cats and their dogs and met their aunts and their cousins. There were summer trips to beaches and cabins and afternoons spent playing Kick-The-Can until we heard the yell to come inside. Holistically there were more touch points than those friendships developed as grown ups.

We’re at that point now that we’ve buried some of our parents. We’ve walked along side each other through severe car accidents and divorces. Our kids are almost grown and soon we’ll be there for those weddings. It’s more difficult to stay in touch. We are located miles apart. We are busy raising families. We are living life in our own neighborhoods while our teenagers attend high school.

Deep and strong connections are formed in high school. Those bonds will enrich our lives forever. So I encourage my daughter to persevere, to walk humbly, to keep short tabs with her friends. Some rotate out of her life and others make connection. The bonds develop and stretch far into the future in ways that she can not understand.

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