Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines, High Heels and Healthy Relationships

As Valentines’ Day approaches many singles find themselves scrambling for a date. I overheard a woman saying she needed to get on so she had someone to take her to dinner. The same woman related a recent encounter in which her date met her and was shocked to find that she stood over six-feet tall in dress heels. All this scrambling for sexual cover (undercover?) confirms our hunger for healthy relationship.

I work with a small amount of peers in a customer service setting. A significant number of women in this group are in and out of relationships just long enough to get pregnant. If the relationship, or marriage, doesn’t work out they quit and move onto a different one. A constant seeking something solid that will touch their heart and give significance.

My wife and I met online. We disclosed our heights and our spiritual commitments. I wasn’t shocked on our first date. Deeper than that we spent significant time in discussion and honest disclosure. Beyond that we had spent a chunk of our previous life to deal with the baggage and brokenness that had destroyed or enabled previous bad relationships. Certainly there was magical spark and laughing eyes. Our groundwork was established before that as was the desire to be real.

Deep emotional longing doesn’t get satisfied in one night. Truly our souls longing isn’t fully satisfied in another human being. When it reaches its peak at the human level it is a result of married commitment heart warming affirmation, and sometimes, heart wrenching reality.

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