Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Punctured Tires and Bad Turns

Journal entry for April 16---Tuesday.

Day off tomorrow—Need it. Need to get out on the bike. Maybe go to Joshua Tree and climb. That way the wind won’t matter much.

Darling daughter over tonight. The wife came home from work concerned about her tire being low. As we were going out for dinner we stopped by the gas station to put air into it. Then I found the nail! It’s in the middle of the tire though so patching should be no problem.

Off to the tire store to see about a patch. Nope they can’t patch it since the tread is low. So we price new tires. We will switch cars and I will take the car in tomorrow. There goes training in Joshua Tree. (Note to the wife: I’ll do it on Friday). Off to the restaurant to eat dinner.

The restaurant has a sign up that says, “Cash Only-computer down.” So we decide to go get cash and comeback. Leaving the bank the highway is crowded so we turn the opposite direction from the restaurant. “No U-Turns” so we make another turn. Finally get to our dinner destination.

Chilly-Willys is out of Cod. The wife, a lover of fish-n-chips, is disappointed. We get the fish n chips with some other fish in it that the waitress recommends. We head back home and catch up on The Amazing Race. The wife is drop dead tired and heads off to bed. Darling Dot and I watch another show then she’s off to bed. Time to blog.

Some days are just like that full of punctured tires and bad turns. Cold and windy outside now. Looking like it may be a day to get on the Trainer. Time to crash. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

And yet, you own a car, have money for gas and dinner, a computer on which to blog, and you have each other (you, the wife, and the Dot). We're amazingly lucky here in this country--even our worst days beat the best days of most people elsewhere in the world.

Dillo said...

Good point Anonymous! Great encouragement to be thankful for all that God supplies (and good 'attitude check.' I will take it to heart.