Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This Too Will Pass

Sometimes when we hear, “This too will pass,” it really does. The last time I sat in this attorneys’ office it was 2008 and I was divorcing my wife. Those were gut wrenching years. The past was in shatters and the future uncertain. Today I sat in the office with my new wife for a very different reason.

We were there to get the paperwork for our will in order. It’s a rather humbling experience to admit that you won’t live forever. Like any other planning process though it also culls out the blessings in one’s life. We sat there and detailed our meager finances and non-existent portfolio. At the same time we discussed glimmers of financial possibility that might occur in the future. And we discussed divvying up those finances.

We each have children from previous marriages. The positive was to look at how God has provided thus far. Providence has brought us together to shore up aspects of their lives that were non-existent; for instance seeing the parent in a committed God-honoring relationship.

The last five years have seen a whirlwind of change the loss of my parents and destruction of my first marriage. God has given a wonderful new wife, a continuing positive relationship with my teen, two new boys via the wife and her parents which I enjoy tremendously. If we are fortunate the tough times will not only pass but will open up new fields of blessing we’d never imagined.

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