Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Breeze That Cools Our Day

My customer, Bob, had spent this Sunday morning talking to his 90 year old mother who resides in Florida. After getting his morning cup-a-Joe he was going home to call a friend that he’s had since they were five years old. He told me, “We are the last two remaining of our circle of ten.” Bob is somewhere between sixty-five and seventy years old. That’s the bittersweet thing. His mother and him have made it farther than some. There is richness in celebrating that.

As I write a breeze cools the night air and lifts up a plastic tablecloth covering one of the many round kitchen-tables at Cindy’s never ending Vintage Yard Sale. The table sits amongst the purple and yellow flowers comprising her garden. Life is full of matchless moments that are life affirming. Like that cool breeze after today's first double-digit temperatures they restore our perspective.

Friends and family are like those cool breezes. It is a gift to make those connections. These bonds buoy us up when we are down. They provide opportunity for reflection and to share the heights, depths and doldrum days that life gives us. What a blessing to celebrate those unions that comprise our lives. While Cindy’s Vintage yard sale may last forever, Bob’s comment was a reminder to delight in the blessings given us today.

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