Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest Exists To Make People Salivate

In my twenties some friends told me to drive through a certain seedy part of San Francisco much like you would recommend one take a trip to the circus. Their word of warning was not to leave the car and not to walk on the sidewalk because, “They will forcibly pull you into their establishments.” Contentment is that field trip turned on its head.

Culture is like the seedy establishments in that San Francisco neighborhood. Magazines in the grocery store scream out, “Buy me. You need me. An experience to remember!” Then the answer seems simple: Don’t walk by the magazine stands. What about those social media sights? I have friends on Facebook that fly places I can never afford and stay at hotels I’ll never see in the flesh. Pinterest exists to make people salivate. The object is to make Boards full of the house you wish you had, the hair you wish you had, the mate you wish you had---and the wardrobe you wish the mate you wish you had- had. Ah, you say, but those are worldly web sites and I’m aware of the danger. What of the more sinister dangers?

We live in a small rental in a less than perfect neighborhood. It meets our budget. It meets our needs. We feel God has provided this house specifically for us for this season. Still we hear voices say to us, “You need a bigger house. You need a place you can feel safe. Wouldn’t an updated kitchen be wonderful?” The words come from well meaning folks in our larger circle of friends. It’s that constant nudge toward more. It’s that push toward want and away from need.

Maintaining an attitude of contentment requires vigilance. It must be cultivated along with a heart attitude that is thankful for what one has not bitter about what one doesn’t have. So enjoy Pinterest but recognize that the things on those boards come with a price. That price may be sour grapes and a spirit of envy.

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