Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Biblical Principle Of Holy War

These were the nations the Lord permitted to remain so he could use them to test Israel—he wanted to test all those who had not experienced battle against the Canaanites.He left those nations simply because he wanted to teach the subsequent generations of Israelites, who had not experienced the earlier battles, how to conduct holy war.---Judges 3:1,2 NEV

Why would God put you into a situation where you had to fight your way out or succumb to failure? That God would do this grates against the perception of what is right and wrong or fair and unfair. We want God to take away all of the tough issues we encounter. The biblical principle is that He allows these trials so that we learn to fight the holy fight.

I don’t like to pray. It’s not because I don’t enjoy talking to God. I fight against dependence on God. Though it’s obvious that most everything is out of my control I still cling to this false belief that I am master of my fate. So this year God is allowing a number of issues to occur to force the issue. I’ve had car issues and financial issues, personnel issues at work and issues with my family. In each situation there is little that I can control. The only wise choice is to pray to Him who controls everything. In the process my prayer muscles are growing stronger. I am learning to connect with God at a deeper level.

Hebrews puts it this way, “But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” There is a principle of practice here. Through practice we train our mind. In talking of King David’s military prowess it is said that through practice his arms were strengthened to bend the bow. It is in pushing against tension that muscles, whether mental or physical, are trained for battle.

While difficulties are distressing there is an attitude of joy that can also accompany them. For while we are struggling we are being trained for bigger battles. Do we obey and trust our commander in chief or do we trip and fall headlong? God has left these obstacles in our path that we might be taught war.

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