Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today's Forecast: Wind

Today’s forecast: wind. Tomorrow’s forecast will be wind followed by strong gusts slowing to light breezes by evening. This isn’t the best weather for hay-fever sufferers; spring blooms accompanied by 50 mile per hour winds. Seems like it’s making the natives restless as well. Life can be tiring on a good day; on a windy day the world is on edge.

Coincidentally life has thrown us a mix of stressors this week; the darling wife picked up a short-term substitute teacher job; the state is testing the daughter on all her subjects save pre-calc and I am being hammered both at work and with a long list of serious to-dos in the off hours. All the time the wind whistles along the line of the roof and through the vents in the house she forces her way letting us know she’s here.

The weather channel didn’t give any hint that the wind was coming. Life sneaks up on us like that the good and the bad. Soon the weather will get calm and no wind will mean hotter days. Hopefully lazier calmer days will walk in as we move toward summer. Then we don’t need to nail everything down and hold tight to keep it all secure. We can relax a little, let go a little and spread out to relax a little---until the next season comes.

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