Thursday, April 25, 2013

Working On Giving Thanks And Not Grumbling

It’s easy to grumble. In one of his letters the apostle Paul says to do everything without grumbling. God’s really been working the opposite direction with me---to be thankful and content. He’s even doing it through comments on previous posts! Not that I have it down at all. I haven’t arrived. I’m just trying to move that direction.

This summer the wife and I are planning a short trip to Guatemala to visit some missionaries. I’m guessing that will open our eyes and broaden our perspective. That’s what we’re hoping.

On a side note: Have you ever noticed how much sleep, diet and exercise fit into having a healthy attitude? I notice that on days where I didn’t sleep well I am much more apt to be distracted, unfocused and unthankful.

You have a front row seat. Feel free to kick me as needed. I’ll try not to complain if you do.

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