Friday, April 19, 2013

People: Different and Wonderfully Unique

We are different. We forget this all the time. We don’t fit in. This should be normative operating information for us. I noticed it again when somebody asked me for directions to the highway. I assumed they were going to visit the national park. No. They were going to Las Vegas for the weekend. The choice to visit a city to throw money away, drink, smoke cigarettes and see a show is low on my list. I know it’s not wrong. It’s just not how we are wired.

Most folks go along with the crowd. They don’t make waves at work. They only have an opinion if it’s the same opinion that’s popular today. The ideal is to settle into a happy medium in everything. Don’t stir the pot. That seems the easier way. Certainly makes you more popular overall.

Then there’s the fifteen percent. You know, fifteen percent of people do 100 percent of the work. We push in our public lives and we push in our private lives. We set goals. We shoot to raise the bar not meet it. We struggle with not fitting in and we struggle to deal with the other 85 percent.

We wrestle with our own restlessness and our own standards. We wonder if we are normal to do this. Seems like we’re not. Seems that’s the balance though. To be pushing to be better but not be driven to be better; to allow for peace; to enjoy the gifts that come our way.

I’m processing those differences while realizing at the same time that each of us is wonderfully unique. Perhaps it’s as simple as making that uniqueness our own comfortably space to dwell in. Perhaps it’s all about being secure and significant. God created us uniquely and in Him we find that significance. That’s where I’ll rest today.

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