Sunday, August 19, 2012

Between the Sheets

At some level I am tired and at another I’m wound up. Truth is I don’t sleep well when the wife heads out of town. Funny how we are wired as humans. The physiological functions react in line with our mental status. So she’s gone and I don’t sleep well though I get the entire bed. I even get full use of the sheets for the entire night-often I wake up with less than my fair portion.

Waking up will be easy. The alarm goes off early so I usually tip-toe around. I turn down the lights and try not to trip or groan as I shuffle out toward the coffee maker. Tomorrow I can turn on a searchlight if I want to. We spend all that time growing up and sleeping in our own beds. We are fortunate to be able to share them with a friend of the opposite sex when we are older.

In my case ‘second times the charm .’ First marriage we never really shared anything. Things were split or delegated it rarely felt like a team effort. It’s mind boggling to get a do-over. I guess that’s the equation the more you are connected the more the separation is difficult. In a good marriage there’s always that connection. I imagine it goes on as long as one of you lives. Then the bed is yours alone again. Not as a child looking forward but older giving thanks for the sharing of the sheets---and life and love.

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