Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There Goes Discipline Out The Window

There goes discipline out the window. The great thing about vacations is that you get a break from the rigors of everyday life. For me this means that daily discipline doesn’t happen. On day one I managed to get some bible reading in while the wife was driving. I am writing in the evenings (though allowing myself to miss a couple posts) because my wife encourages it not because I have the fortitude for consistency. I brush my teeth but have put aside shaving.

Is this casting aside of routine a good thing? Legalism is easy for humans. Consistent discipline in one or more areas can be twisted awry. I am consistent because I am good. Since I am good God should give me what I want. God owes me. That activity we began in the Spirit to put to death flesh has now warped into full pride. Mt. Sinai comes into view again.

Re-entry back into normal life is difficult-back to work, back to bills, back to dealing with life. The burden of discipline then becomes like an old friend. Like coming home to your own bed and shower the routine of reading and exercise (or whatever you do daily) gets the train back on the right track. The ramped up stress you come home to is bracketed by familiar dogged routine. Out the table it went. Opening the door to it on return refreshes and energizes for day to day life in reality.

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