Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mormon President?

I have known some astute Christians and some clueless ones, some shrewd non-Christians and those that lack sense. Yet I know some fellow Christ followers that go rabid when they think of a Mormon in the White House. I understand where they are coming from but wonder if they’ve given their position any thought.

Isn’t America the place that we don’t judge people on their outsides but on their character? I seem to remember something about a plurality of people. We should have the best person to run the country. Certainly I want a noble leader of good morals. Having the moniker doesn’t guarantee that. Having the lifestyle does.

The forefathers left home and came to these shores to avoid a government run religion. Why then do some of my brothers and sisters want only a Christian President? Perhaps I am misunderstanding them. It may well be that they would be delighted with a theistic government. Whoa to them for not giving men the same freedom that God does.

Like anything in religion and politics those of us that are clear headed must continue to provoke others to think through their positions. Hopefully they will see truth and honor men and woman as valued because they are created in God’s image. I hope they will begin to think and not just go on gut reaction. Seems one of our important documents begins with the words, ‘Each man.’ May we continue to honor each man for who he is and not because of the label he wears. We do not want to go down that road. That road leads to destruction, chaos and brutality. That road will destroy the America we know and personal value with it. May it never be.

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