Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Window

Sex or a dinner meal can take place in this window. A shower and shave can take place in this window so can the typical trips to work. For everything that can take place in this window there are more that can’t. A state mandated lunch can’t fit in this window; a dinner date with your wife could but shouldn’t fit but the evening child’s tuck in fits well. A daily blog post tightly fits in this window.

A fifteen minute window to do a blog post is difficult. The outline and frame for any type of art work can be done in a blip of time. Once that parameter is defined though the artist sees a myriad of possibilities for inside the frame. Certainly you can throw it up in fifteen minutes. After that the artist is inclined to massage it, stretch it, cut it, redraw it or rewrite it. Walking away from an incomplete albeit imperfect piece aggravates.

I confess I fudge the fifteen minutes. I committed in July to a nightly blog post created in this time frame. The ideas start flowing and time passes. My third paragraph in last nights’ post screamed at me to be the opening salvo. I couldn’t cut it, couldn’t paste it, couldn’t piece it together enough to make it fit. Not in fifteen minutes. The fifteen stretches on occasion. The post pulls at me as does my family, my work, my church, my life.

It’s the window I’ve chosen for my work this go-round. The challenge is the window frame. The time restraint is my boundary. When you look at life through this window my ardor is for you to stretch---to come alive. May the glimpse encourage and enlighten. I only hope the view isn’t obstructed---I didn’t have quite enough time to manicure the hedge.

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