Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One Finds Balance

One finds balance between nature and reality. The family takes road trips to regain perspective, see new things and be surprised. Sometimes surprised by beauty, sometimes surprised by how frustrated ‘dad’ gets trying to pack the trunk of the car.

We’d spent the day sliding down rocks on the river and swimming in deep, cold pools of blue-green water made by waterfalls flowing in and water flowing out. Laughing and applauding, one by one we swam hard against the tide to touch the base of the waterfall. Then back to camp for dinner, Smores, and to bed. By contrast one wouldn’t expect such tenseness in the morning.

Trying to pack the trunk full I nearly cussed. Frustrated by my attitude and trying to help my wife nearly uttered foul words as well. The mood was broken when the project was completed. The night before we’d spent discussing finances and budgeting. Money seems to bring pressure when it is tight. Reality bursts in on the camping trip as we talk budgets with mouths full of marshmallow.

In the quiet one is reminded of beauty. In the power of waterfall there are hints of Creator and depth of soul. The cold water refreshes and we are reminded why we are out here. Reality intrudes but now we see in brighter perspective. We lock the car, shower and go to bed. The adventure continues tomorrow.

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