Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missed Moose

Today we went in search of moose. Moose are best found locally in the Grand Tetons. The ranger gave us a short list of the best places to drive to. Our first moose was a ghost. We pulled the car to a stop near a large crowd only to find we’d missed the moose by a few minutes. We continued the day seeking marshy green grass filled meadows but never saw a moose. Some days are like that.

I don’t have the perfect analogy for the missed moose. As we seek what we want most there will be missed opportunity. There will also be views of verdant green meadows. For me it is easy to miss the scenery for the seeking, to be depressed because the moose was never seen though there were a number of blessings which were experienced in the process.

It’s a big picture, little picture type thing. I’ve put my life into God’s hands that’s the big picture. The things I want but don’t get are little picture. The moose hunt is part of a fourteen day adventure. You know what? As the family sat by a mirror colored flowing river today hoping for the moose I had the feeling that he was going to show up. We had to get on the road but the moose was there and we’d just missed him. Next time though we will find him. Experience and opportunity will meet. The moose encounter will happen. We persevere and wait.

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