Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blessed, Thank You

“Blessed, thank you,” she said upon my asking how she was. She wore a bandana which covered, seemingly, a head without hair---sporting the same type of style that my sister-in-law with brain cancer currently has. A brief interaction but it caused me to think.

My response to, “Hello, how are you,” is often a statement akin to “Hanging in there.” For my customers I try and be more upbeat and respond with ‘fantastic,’ or ‘great.’ All these statements are true at different times. Why not ‘good’ or ‘blessed’ on most days?

It’s a reflection of my heart. Both Jesus and James make the case that it’s the words (or acts) that come out of man that show where his heart is. Certainly I tend to focus on what isn’t going my way instead of the many things that do. When I focus on the riches that I have then I am more apt to see myself as blessed. That is the challenge for me; to count my blessings and share my joy with the world. How blessed is that?

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