Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I Write or Angst The Companion, Sex The Compulsion

The need began in Junior High school. I am not certain what the catalyst was. Perhaps it was something I read. I know I had this impression that I would be famous and that people would want to read about me. So I started journaling.

I continued to journal in High school. I began writing creatively as well. Angst is the teenagers’ companion and sex the compulsion. There was much to write about. One day in high school Sydney made an appearance. If you’ve recently begun reading this blog you are not acquainted with Sydney of Australia and his sidekicks Roscoe and Veronica. They initially surfaced in those high school years; Roscoe a street in the valley and 7-11, where I used to work, his secret lair. Truth is it was more fun to write Sydney stories than to listen to chemistry lectures.

In college I took a journalism class but the professor was an arrogant blankety-blank and a lousy teacher. I received a bad grade in the class and was dissuaded from the pursuit of journalism---thus saving me from the probability of life as a liberal.

Throughout all those years I was compelled to write. I dabbled with starting a greeting card company, I wrote notes to friends for fun and I wrote letters to the editor. There were also a lot of love letters written which I hope have become fuel for Franklin stoves at this time. I kept journaling. I wrote poetry. My mother enjoyed my poetry (dark as it was) and encouraged me to keep writing.

I played around with the idea of starting a blog. On a trip to Portland my friend Glenn strongly encouraged me to begin blogging. It continues to be both voyage and adventure. Like Sir Edmund Hillary in his pursuit of Everest, I must write because ‘It is there.”

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