Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Elf Sneaks Out

My Elf On The Shelf has been helping himself to my wallet! I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up around two and heard a noise, like a mouse, moving about. I turned on the hall light. From the corner of my eye I saw him get back into position the little Elf. I needed to think and to formulate a plan.

During the day I put a sock over his head and placed a little camera into his sock. I woke again at two, listened and turned on my laptop to view the little man. Where would he go in this town? How would he get there? I saw him pull a small motor scooter from the side of the house. Then he was off.

When he walked into the building I gazed in shock. Half horrified and half amazed I watched as hundreds of little Elf On The Shelf people partied it up in a small disco. There was elf karaoke and elf dancing, elf drinking and elf bad behaviour. I could only hope there were elfin designated drivers.

He snuck back in late that night. Waking up early I turned all the house lights on and brought a flood light into the drawing room. I cranked the stereo loud. If elves have hangovers I trust they are without magic much as ours are. Then I velcro’d Mr. Elf to the shelf and attached a keychain to his ankle. I kissed him on the head and got ready for work.

Tonight something may awaken you at two or three am. Before checking on the children or inspecting the pets check up on the Elf On The Shelf. He may be up to no good.

Idea courtesy of Writers Digest

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