Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long Days and Counting Joy

It’s been a long day. We all decided the daughter would go to school despite rumours of violence (see previous post). I spent the morning catching up with a friend that shattered his tibia and has been unable to put weight on it for three months. The wife was a substitute teacher for a 6th grade class that was out of control. I found out I need to have my wisdom teeth yanked out by an oral surgeon because the root system is too convoluted for the dentist to risk.

One of the things that make so many of the above difficult is in fact the connection with people; my friend, my wife, my daughter; not my dentist. If they have bad days then I have a bad day. On the other hand it is the richness of these relationships that give joy to life.

Today I’m counting that joy. Delighting in the time I had catching up with the friend with the broken tibia. Reminiscing about singing Christmas carols at church last night standing near a buddy of mine with our wives next to us and laughing tonight as my daughter made brownies in the kitchen.

It’s a deliberate focusing on the positive. It is easy to focus on what is wrong but life is infused with so many great experiences that we can be lifted up as we let ourselves find the joy in each of them.

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