Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I Wanna Be Reckless

We are in the process of making financial arrangements for my death; life insurance, a will and all the accompanying paperwork. It brings you face to face with your mortality my wife pointed out. Here’s an odd thing. When you are young and think you will live forever you are zealous for everything. When you know you are going to die soon (relatively speaking) you are slower about making commitments. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

It’s coming up on New Years day which is when I do my goal setting for the year. Now that I’m older I tend to revisit my goals and revise them. I’ve pointed out before that we are trying to be more aggressive about writing our story. At least the part we can write.

I feel like the proverbial drunk man on a horse. One day I lean toward living a safe comfortable life and the next I vow to go all out for what I believe in. Like the man on the horse it’s difficult to sit centered. This year I want to spend most my days leaning toward radical. Jeremy Camp says it well:

Everytime I try to play it safe
Holding back just a little part of me
I find myself forgetting what
I say that I believe…

I wanna be reckless
Cause You are endless
I wanna be shameless
And shout Your greatness
I will not be afraid

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