Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Almost Forgot Christmas

A nickel was such an absurd amount. I’d spent a week with Adventure Bound (Outward Bound with a Christian emphasis) in the outdoors. It was a week filled with times of meditation, friendship, and backpacking deep in the backcountry. On the way home the leadership dropped us off on a corner in Vegas with a nickel. We had an hour to see if we could use it in a redemptive way. Coming from the beauty of the mountains in the company of friends the contrast hit me hard. I remember seeing countless people at machines and in hotels; most with glazed eyes and faces without joy.

I felt like that today at work in the grocery store. Humanity seemed downcast. I had only five people return my greeting of, “Merry Christmas.” The people that filled the store lacked joy. They were on a mission to get Christmas supplies but they couldn’t remember why. Dejected and depressed they looked preoccupied. The mood eked my way and I began to feel down, ready to throw up my arms and give up. I almost forgot Christmas too.

I sensed God saying that’s how He feels. So to a depressed and downcast people He sent His son to be born in a stable, “Behold I bring you news of great joy which shall be for all people…” Through Him we have joy and a command to share that joy with all men. Rather than throw up my arms in desperation I will lift up my arms to pray. That’s my mission. I almost forgot.

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