Monday, December 17, 2012

Just Thinking About The Weather

The clouds are rolling in for Winter Storm phase II. It won’t be much of a rain. They are predicting somewhere between thirty and fifty percent chance. No snow predicted. My family loves crazy weather. The perfect day would be one of snow outside and warm coffee and space heater inside. We hardly ever get those days though. God invented coffee and hot chocolate for those. We drink these often but they find their perfect blend with cold wintery weather.

I know people that dislike anything apart from a sunny, warm day. The city of Palm Springs is full of people like that. They go there to golf. They also go there to be embalmed while living; the dry air and sun act like formaldehyde. Storm systems mess up the dry embalming system. They tip the scale somehow. The high heat of summer does it too. To make up for it the air conditioners run 24-7 at the perfect pressure for body maintenance.

It’s a soul thing too. Storms are rough and tumble. They are unsafe, uncomfortable, even unpredictable. You can’t control them with a thermostat. Life separates people into those two categories. Those that want to moderate their environment and those that enjoy life because it’s unpredictable.

There’s a balancing act going on here. I enjoy the storm knowing I can return home to hearth and coffee. I’m not up to a full Everest climb. Still I’d rather the tempest than the unruffled tepid days spent by many. God knows I’m wired this way too. That’s why He keeps me guessing. Out of the storm He speaks in quiet. Safe, no; invigorating, yes.

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