Monday, December 31, 2012

A Sober Look Forward To 2013

This is going to be a difficult year. Economically we begin by going off a fiscal cliff. Most families in America will face financial difficulty. Despite our president’s promises the economy remains stagnant. There are hiccups of hope but no evidence of increases great enough to make a difference. On top of it all our leadership presses toward socialism and away from solid economic principles.

There is no firm cultural absolute either. For those that hold to Judao-Christian principles the battle will grow increasingly difficult. Cries to compromise and be open-minded will harangue those that choose truth over relativism. Freedoms will decrease for Christ followers in all churches. Sexual brokenness will dominate the culture; being sensitive to it will be required by those that preach a respect for other’s opinions. The courts will grow to back wrong and sentence right. Black and grey will blot out white.

Joy will come in the morning. In the midst of the uphill battle we face there will be opportunities for growth in character. Our friendships will secure us and we will delight in them. Laughter will be richer and love grow purer as we are hard pressed by a world that desires beauty but settles for cheap imitation. Those that hold to Christ will find great opportunity to walk in faith and they will see Christ honour their commitments. Dross will be strained out and the gold made pure.

Let us keep sober in spirit. This year let us fight for our joy and hold dearly to our principles. There will be severe battles. We may feel we are fighting against the world. We serve Him who has overcome the world. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.

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