Monday, January 14, 2013

A Good Night For Anything But Blogging

Perhaps it’s because my fingers are dry and cracked due to the cold weather and a job that requires them to be constantly in water. It would seem that cold dark nights are conducive to blogging but I’m not feeling it. It’s not about feeling I remind myself. It’s about, “The War of Art” and the commitment to sit down and type. Still there are so many other options.

It seems a good night for wine, tea or liquor; basically any drink that you can imagine being advertised in front of a fire in a big wooden room with a white bear rug laying perpendicular to the Moose antlers. Of course the question in the current political climate is whether or not there are guns displayed or locked inside the glass case of our outdoorsman. The fire crackles as the woman enters the room and---well, yes, I guess that’s another option.

Cracking a book (do you crack a Kindle?) open is a good idea. The wife is currently going through Lord of the Rings. I tend to reach for a good mystery on a cold dark night like this. Music is an option as well. This reminds me of a mix of the two which I do not advise. One time in high school I was reading Helter Skelter and not thinking I put on the Beatles White Album. I went to bed late that night with all the lights on.

I’ve still not ruled out watching a television show or a movie. This is always good entertainment. The only problem with it is that they advise you not to watch for an hour before bedtime. They also advise you not to drink alcohol or coffee prior to bedtime. This rules out many options for us and our outdoorsman friend unless he enjoys chess or checkers which is perhaps why the lady entered the room after all. It is difficult to play a board game without company.

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