Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stick Close, Stay Tight And Speak Truth

“He lied,” a friend texted me tonight. The sources state that Lance Armstrong told Oprah that he doped. One more hero gone, one more role model bites the dust. It gets more and more difficult to find good role models these days. Perhaps it’s always been that way and feels worse today. Don’t know. Truly though Lance wasn’t a role model anyway; just a focused dude with great genes.

I find heros help me with mental perspective and friends help me in the daily trenches. It’s difficult to laugh out loud with John Calvin or C.S. Lewis; not so much with my guy friends. There is something about having the freedom to call somebody 24-7 that lifts your heart even before picking up the phone.

It hurts to hear that Lance lied to us for twenty years, twelve of those regarding his Tour wins. Proverbs says that there is a friend that sticks closer to a brother. Reading between the lines I gather that those close friends stick close, stay tight and speak truth. That’s what real role models look like.

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