Saturday, January 26, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies And White Vans

Girl Scout cookies make interesting contraband. We were teenagers racing a white van along the back roads of the San Fernando Valley a friend and I were pulled over by a police officer. Forcing my friend out of the van with a gun, the officer shined a flashlight in his eyes and screamed, “Why are your eyes dilated?” My friend responded with the obvious, “Perhaps it’s the flashlight,” which didn’t settle the officer down at all. I left the van (a bad, bad mistake) to see if my buddy was going to get gunned down. The officers then asked about the boxes in the back of the van. They were girl scout cookies of course.

What better scheme for two teenage boys than to join a Girl Scout Troop? I can’t remember the why but I do remember that the particular troop we joined was co-ed. This of course meant we had to sell cookies.

What is it about Girl Scout cookies? I’m a fan of Thin Mints and Caramel Delites which according to Wikipedia makes me perfectly average as these two types of cookies account for 44% of all sales. I’ll buy a minimum of four boxes though I can go to the local grocery store and pick up a box of Keebler Grasshoppers and satisfy my Thin Mint addiction anytime but not those Caramel Delites.

So it is that next week will find me blowing out my budget to buy boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I don’t think it counts as an addiction if it happens only once a year. Of course they freeze well…

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