Monday, January 21, 2013

Finding Fulfillment In Being Wired Differently

If I used EPO or resorted to blood doping I would still be the slowest of all cyclists. Genes and nature have given me terrible lungs and a bad blood delivery system. I do still have a big ego though so when I am passed by fellow cyclists I want to give chase. I know though that I am limited by asthmatic lungs and unresponsive muscles.

I am wired differently than other cyclists. On a larger scale I am wired differently than every other human being. Which is why it’s great when authors and teachers give you tools but don’t tell you what you have to do. It’s what my favorite books on walking with Christ have in common: they lay groundwork but encourage you to listen to the Holy Spirit for direction. He will work differently with each unique person.

When I go out riding with friends I set this parameter: I am slow. If you want to race or ride fast do not ride with me. It is a truth I’ve had to adjust to my whole life that in any athletic event my asthma and my genes keep me slow. My head and heart say to push, go all out, fight to win but physically it’s not realistic. I must know myself and my own parameters.

When seeking God’s will for my life it must be within the boundaries of my distinctive strengths and my unique weaknesses. God will guide but it helps if I work within my boundaries (which according to Psalm 16 have fallen for me in pleasant places). Ego or not I am not an Annie Dillard or John Steinbeck. In moving forward in my unique giftedness I will be most profoundly fulfilled.

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