Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sex and Suitcases

Imagine the traditional first night of marriage. The bride and groom schlep their baggage to a romantic location and jump into bed. They don’t just bring themselves to bed though; they each bring all their previous relationships and the input from their parents and their parents parents (h/t Dr. Roger Moss). Of course it’s a magical night. How much more magical was it for Adam and Eve pre-fall?

They are the perfect soul-mates as she is made from his rib. They have no parents; this cures a number of potential problems! No hang-ups from the way they were raised, no demands for (insert Jewish mother voice) ‘a phone call to your mother; eight hours I was in labor with you might I remind you.’ Their relationship is 100/100 since there is no sin to make either one more selfish. Finally there was no Kama-Sutra so they got to invent everything!

Sadly someone crashed that party and both Eve and Adam chose self over God. Our parents made the same choice often choosing to save self rather than lose it. Nature and nurture taught us well and we followed in their foot-steps.

We still hear echoes from that first love. Like the happy honeymooners that aspire to true love we want that perfect synchronicity. Since that crash in the Garden we have to work at not being selfish. We have to work at taking time for the romantic jump into bed. We have to nurture relationship that is static free. We’re carrying a lot of baggage. Let us lay aside that which so easily entangles us and pursue whole hearted relationship. We can almost touch Eden.

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