Friday, January 04, 2013

Children Are Worth The Gamble

Now I hear them as the saddest words. Saddest still because it’s choice not circumstance. “We don’t want to bring a child into this world,” or, “We didn’t want children anyway.” I thought that way in my youth; a mixture of selfishness and unknowing. I will probably step on toes here. I know too that it’s tough too for those that wanted but couldn’t.

It’s hard to have them and be selfish. People do it obviously, but for those of us in two or three standard deviations of normal children pull our hearts out of selfish and into loving. I remember one night, my sick little girl. She couldn’t get comfortable in her bed or our bed or anyplace but being held. Longest most wonderful night of my life as I laid her on my chest and let her sleep there.

The Bible tells us that they are like arrows and the man that has a full quiver is blessed. I only have one; couldn’t have more though I wanted it. Grace was being able to have the one I’ve got.

An understated blessing of following God is that the Word sets you right. The evolution in me was from selfish me-only to wanting a full house. The love returned and the love you get to give are worth the gamble.

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