Friday, January 18, 2013

Echoes Of Laughter In The Trinity

The central picture in my friends’ office is a picture of Jesus laughing. Like Jesus laughter should flow out of us. Growing up I was part of a second family, that of two good friends. I ate dinner at their place often. Many a night was spent in sidesplitting laughter. We got together a year ago with a close circle of friends and the same gut breaking laughter ensued.

I’ve said before that I’m remarried. We have an evening debrief before we go to bed. On nights to countless to count we end up laughing. It’s a deep overflow springing from the insanity of life and the richness of the relationship. My friendship with my daughter is like that as well. A day doesn’t go by without a smile, guffaw or outburst of laughter.

Those closest to me know my heart best. When my guard is down it is easiest to laugh at myself and at life. I am fortunate. Laughter flows from time with my friends. Humor is never far from any sentence we utter.

When I look at the relationships in my life laughter echoes through the good ones. In the camaraderie that is life, in the trenches and in the blessings there is always a head thrown back in laughter. It’s a rich gift given by Him who spoke the world into being, maybe laughing with joy when He saw that it was good. For if we are created in His image laughter may have echoed from eternity in the person of the Trinity.

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