Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grocery Stories

Working in a grocery store one sees all sides of people. The unique, crazy and cranky can ruin a morning but interactions with them make for great story.

Customer: “I want a six-pack of eggs”
Cashier: Sir we are out of six packs. Why don’t you buy a 12 pack? They are cheaper and you get twice as many eggs.”
Customer: I live alone. I won’t eat 12 eggs. I only want 6.
Cashier: Why don’t you buy the 12 pack and give 6 to your neighbor?
Customer: I am not that generous. How can I get a 6 pack?

A customer was screaming at the Service Deli employees because they had run out of tri-tip. He said that whenever he went to our other store, in the next city over, they always had tri-tip. The employees tried to calm him down but he screamed louder and louder. When asked if another meat would do he insisted only on tri-tip. Toward the end of his rant he indicated that the tri-tip was for his dog.

Specifically working a coffee kiosk has its share of unique individuals ordering unique drinks. My still favorite is the customer that ordered a non-fat, decaf, latte served tepid. 

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