Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Life Isn't Like A Game Of Cards

Skill and Luck

Life isn’t like a game of cards. In a game of cards there’s a certain probability that you will get a certain hand. God deals differently. I sat next to a friend last night as he shared of the continuing fallout from his divorce; his kids are drifting away, his (ex) wife is in full rebellion and he longs for God to step in with a new romance and a new plot. Then it hit me.

I have some significant issues in my life that I would like God to change. On the inside I still feel like a whitewashed sepulcher. On the outside I’ve got money issues and job issues. As we were talking though I thought to myself, “I’ll stick with this hand.”

I sought God when my first marriage ended. Then I sought another mate. It wasn’t a necessity only a preference. God wasn’t bound one way or another. Still He chose to grant me a great companion to finish out my life with. Rather than diminishing my life He added to it.

I have a daughter with my first wife. She is a ton of fun and we get along famously. Since she was old enough to laugh at jokes we’ve gotten into trouble for outbursts at the wrong time or in the wrong place. She’s a teen now and we are still close. We share deep things and funny things. She’s with me often. She gets along well with my current wife and all three of us click well together.

I’ve no idea why God blessed me with wife and daughter. It’s not because of what I bring to the table. God gives out of an abundance that is bigger than the house. Playing probability I would have bet small with small expectations. God gives big beyond asking or imagining. I understand the stakes and I’m sticking with the hand.

Photo; 'Skill and Luck' by Bob Owen

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